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image002The firm offers services in the areas of legislative, executive branch and regulatory affairs. We take an interactive approach and work with you to seek a deep understanding of the nuances and implications of your situation. The firm offers several options for services, and will work with you to create the optimal package.

One option is a basic monitoring of legislative and executive activities. After garnering an understanding of types of issues that are important to you, we will alert you when a relevant legislative or regulatory initiative surfaces. You would also receive an end of session report, recapping what occurred during the legislative session.

A second, more involved option includes not only legislative and regulatory alerts, but continual tracking with a comprehensive analysis and the ability to recommend actions. We would attend all relevant committee meetings and be fully prepared to act on your behalf when requested. The firm would also provide introductions to elected and appointed officials.

Finally, we offer an option for clients who choose to be proactive in seeking a change in Connecticut laws and regulations, and also those choosing to fight harmful legislation and regulations. This option includes a comprehensive evaluation of the changes sought and a formulated strategic plan to make that happen. Our plan of attack would be reevaluated regularly and altered and refined as the session continued. The firm would also draft any and all legislative or regulatory language, as well as arrange for the proper individuals to testify before committees and prepare the testimony when required.