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The Law Offices of Robert F. Shea, Jr. offers over 20 years of legal experience, specializing in several key areas.


ADMINISTRATIVE: State regulatory agencies such as Consumer Protection, Liquor Control Commission, Revenue Services, Public Health and the professional licensing agencies wield astonishing power. The firm can guide you through the complex world of Connecticut Administrative Law.

The number of agencies and types of actions they can take is nearly boundless and timing is crucial in administrative matters. The firm can meet your needs at all phases of the process. Whether it’s application for a permit, filing a complaint or defending a grievance or complaint, we can help negotiate the thicket of regulations and pursue a satisfactory conclusion.

LEGAL RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: We provide cost-effective legal research, analysis and writing to both law firms and corporate legal departments in various areas of law, including real estate, insurance law, criminal procedure and corporate law.

Our firm performs primary and secondary legal research to assist in your case preparation. The firm can provide the behind-the-scenes research and analysis so that you can direct your time, resources and energy on your clients.

ETHICS AND ELECTIONS / CAMPAIGN COMPLIANCE: During the past several years, the Connecticut General Assembly has enacted very complex laws in the areas of ethics for lobbyists and state contractors, as well as laws relating to elections and public financing of state political campaigns.

The firm can provide advice and guidance on these fast-changing laws. In addition, our can represent individuals and businesses before the Connecticut Office of State Ethics and the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission.

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